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Congrats Dates XLS Import

If you want to import all your users, birthdays in one batch, we have the right tool for you. The attached Java file (link below) can insert all birthdays from a .xls-table, filled with the users and dates., into Congrats for Confluence.

Run this code from the console to start the Java Executable (edit according to the parameter table):

java -DsyncFile="/Users/Niklas/Desktop/birthday.xls" -DbaseUrl=http://localhost:6710 -Dusername=admin -Dpassword=admin -jar /Users/Niklas/Desktop/congrats-sync-1.0-.jar

You can run this on your Confluence server itself or a remote computer.



Admin user


Path to the xls-file


Admin users password


Path to jar-file


URL leading to you confluence

  • If you run the script from your server work with
    localhost:port (i.e. localhost:8090).

  • If you run the script remotely use the IP:Port or the base url instead.

Java must be installed.

Required Files

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