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How to find your Support Entitlement Number (SEN), License key or Entitlement number for an app

Sometimes our support will ask you to provide the SEN or Entitlement number of your bitvoodoo app license.

The SEN number (Support Entitlement Number) is a unique identification number for Atlassian product and app licenses. Each licence has an individual SEN number. It is used to identify the correct licence in case of support and updating apps.

For Cloud apps, this is called the “Entitlement number” instead of SEN.

Via manage apps

To find the SEN number this way, you need to be a Confluence or Jira administrator.

  1. Open your Jira or Confluence, log in as an administrator.

  2. Open General configuration → Manage Apps → Manage Apps

  3. Search for your bitvoodoo app and expand the result.

    1. Data Center/Server app: Copy the value of “License SEN“ into your ticket.

    2. Cloud app: You will find the Entitlement number just below the “License SEN” in the middle column. Copy this number into your ticket.


You must either be the Technical Contact or the Billing Contact for the app license to obtain the number.

  1. Open, log in with your Atlassian ID.

  2. Search for your bitvoodoo app.

  3. The SEN number is visible in the first column, “SEN“.

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