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Add a news to the news slider ("Top stories slider" macro)

Create a new blog post

  • Click on the "Create" button

  • Choose "Blog post"

  • Make sure you create the blog post in the correct space

Add content

Add a label to the news post

Usually, the "Top stories macro" is configured to search for news posts with the label "topnews". But you can define your own label if needed:

 In the "Top Stories Slider" configuration, you can define if a news post needs to have a specific label for its content to be displayed. Just add a different label in the field “Restrict to these Labels”.

 If you have more than one picture attached to a news post, use the following guide to configure what picture is displayed: Define what picture of a blog post will be used on the dashboard

View on the dashboard

  • Your new news is listed on the dashboard (after Confluence has indexed the content)

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