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Change the name of the space manager box


This tutorial applies to Confluence 5.0 and higher.

Level of experience:


Time estimate:

It should take you less than 5 minutes to complete this tutorial.

Overview of the tutorial

This tutorial shows you, how to change the name of the space manager box.

Step 1 Go to the section editor

To change the name of the box, you have to change the sections. Please refer to the sections to decide if you want to change the name globally or only on one particular space. 

Step 2 Edit the section content

The following points has to be done for the Page Sidebar and in the Blog Sidebar. As example we demonstrate you the steps for the Page Sidebar.

  1. Click on Page Sidebar and the Editor will open the definition of the sidebar


  2. Scroll down to the Space Manager macro and click on the wrapping Titled Panelbox macro to edit some properties.


  3. Remove the content of the parameter Internationalization i18n key for the title and enter into the parameter Heading of the wrapping Block your new desired title for this block. After these changes, your macro definition looks like this: 


  4. Click Save in the Macro Browser

  5. Click Save in the Section Editor

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