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Header Logo

What is the Header Logo?

The header logo is displayed in the at the top of Confluence and is always linked to the dashboard. Usually it is used to display a company logo.

Enterprise Theme uses the site logo as the header logo.

Different Logo in a Space

With the Enterprise Theme, the header logo can be influenced individually by a space.

If you deactivate the setting "Use site logo in header", the default space logo (global space logo) is displayed instead of the site logo. If no space logo is defined, the default space logo is used.

If the space logo is deactivated, no logo is visible in this space.

The site logo is used as the header logo instead of the default space logo. If no site logo is defined, the standard Confluence logo will be displayed. 

When a site logo is uploaded, Confluence changes the colour scheme to automatically match the logo. Simply re-select the defined Enterprise Theme design. This will also reset the colour scheme.

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