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How to create a multilingual menu

Find here detailed information on how to set up a menu in multiple languages using Enterprise Theme. This will allow you to create an intranet menu in different user languages.

For general information and troubleshooting, refer to the main article Menus.

  • You can configure a menu structure for each language installed in Confluence.

  • The default language of the menu, marked with DEFAULT, is the default Confluence language. It is advisable to at least configure the menus for the default language as the "fall-back" menu.

  1. Create a new menu or edit an existing menu by following the guide in the general guide Adding and editing menus.

  2. Tap the plus icon ➕ on a language section to add a menu item to that specific language menu.


    Add a new menu item to the menu “Deutsch”

  3. Recreate the entries of the default menu.

  4. Repeat for any additional language.


  • Users will see only the menu for the language they have set in their user profile.

  • Users who have set a language for which no menu is defined will see the default menu instead.

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