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How to expand the size of the dropdown-menu in the navigation

If you have a navigation point in your menu with a bigger dropdown it will generate a longer list. When you don't want to scroll down every time than it is possible to expand the dropdown menu with a javascript inside you custom HTML. With following script you can change the amount of tables which are displayed in the dropdown menu:

<script type="text/javascript">
   window.EnterpriseTheme = window.EnterpriseTheme || {};
   window.EnterpriseTheme.MegaMenu = window.EnterpriseTheme.MegaMenu || {};  
   window.EnterpriseTheme.MegaMenu.rowItems = 5;

In this case we changed the number of displayed tables to 5: → window.EnterpriseTheme.MegaMenu.rowItems = 5;

In this line you can define the tables as you are requiring it. 

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