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Space Managers

What is a Space manager?

Space managers are users who are responsible for the content of a space and can be displayed in the left sidebar of a space. This follows the concept of a Wiki Gardener.

How are space managers configured?

You can specify one or multiple space managers per space. They will be displayed in the Space Manager box:

If no space manager is defined in a space, the Space Manager Macro/Box is not displayed.

Editing Space Managers

  1. Choose the cog icon ⚙ at the top right of the screen, then choose General configuration.

  2. Select Space Managers under Enterprise Theme in the left-hand panel. 

In the space manager administration, you have the following possibilities:

  • Assign a new space manager by clicking the Add Space Manager button

  • Edit an existing assignment

  • Delete an assignment

Adding or editing a space manager

 Clicking on the Add Space Manager button or clicking the edit link to edit an existing one will bring up the following dialog:



The Space where you want to assign the space manager


The usernames of all space managers for this space.

You can assign multiple users as space managers for a space.

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