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Can I use emojis in tabs?

Emojis and icons are a quick and fun way to draw more attention to your content. Wouldn’t it be cool to use them to embellish individual tabs? This is possible with a small workaround 🎉 !

Use emojis in tab titles

How to insert emojis from your system

  1. Edit the Confluence page.

  2. Move to cursor to where you want to insert the emoji/s.

  3. Mac: Press CTRL + CMD + Space
    Windows: Press Win + . (period)

  4. Search for the desired emoji & click on it to insert it.

  5. Save the page → The emoji will be displayed in the tab 👍

Option “Create your own tabs”

In the Tab Wizard | Create-your-own-tabs in the option “Create your own tabs”:

Unfortunately, you cannot use Confluence’s emojis library when giving your tab a name. However, you can use any external emoji tool and copy the desired emoji into the clipboard.
(lightbulb) Better still: Use the keyboard shortcut to insert emojis from your system! In the Tab Wizard editor, proceed as follows:

  1. Edit the tab name by tapping the pen icon.

  2. Mac: Press CTRL + CMD + Space
    Windows: Press Win + . (period)

  3. Paste the emoji before or after the tab name (or in both locations 🙂).

Using emojis in tab names

The embellished tab titles will appear in the selected tab design on the preview and the published page.

Other Options in Tab Wizard

If you create tabs from existing pages (select pages, display children pages, labeled pages) in the Tab Wizard, Confluence emojis from the original page title will not be displayed in the tabs. Unfortunately, the built-in Confluence emojis cannot be displayed in Navitabs tab titles.

However, as written above, you can use Mac/Windows emojis anywhere in the page title and save the page. These system emojis will then be displayed in the resulting tabs. Use these shortcuts for emojis:

Mac: Press CTRL + CMD + Space
Windows: Press Win + . (period)

(info) Put simply: Please don’t use the option “Insert emoji” in the Confluence editor if you want the emoji to display in the Navitabs macro.

Use emojis in content

In the Confluence content, you can use either the Confluence emoji library or emojis from your system. Both will display in the tabs, but you might notice differences in styling.

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