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Tab Content Layout (Beta)

Use this new display option for already existing Confluence pages within tabs to bring improvements and advantages to viewers of your tab content.

How the Tab Content Layout Beta works

When you activate the option “Use new layout”, the tab contents containing existing Confluence pages are rendered via Atlassian's new Embeddedable Pages for Confluence.

Advantages of using the new layout

  • The content is displayed in the same style and layout as the Confluence pages it pulls information from.

  • Displays content in light or dark mode, according to the visitor's preference.

  • Tracks page views within the tabs in analytics solutions, such as the built-in Confluence AnalyticsViewtracker, and other apps, as a respective view.

  • Supports the output of many 3rd-party apps.

Disadvantages of using the new layout

With this layout, it is currently not possible to hide the Confluence page title in a tab. We hope to introduce this soon.

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