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Getting Started with Templates for Blog Posts

Here are three step-by-step guides to help you start with the app Templates for Blog Posts.

You need to have at least one template to use the main feature of Templates for Blog Post. Please follow the Atlassian documentation on creating page templates if you haven't created templates yet.

Create a blog post using a template

  1. Open the "Create" dialogue and choose "Blog post".

  2. Pick the desired template. Notice that you can still choose the default Blog post item in this dialogue.
    Follow the Atlassian documentation about creating page templates if the list is empty.
    Tap “Create”.

  3. The Confluence editor opens with the settings and placeholders of the chosen template, and you can start creating your content.

Create a "Blog space"

If you want to have a space dedicated only to blog posts, the app gives you a tool to support the creation of blog posts instead of pages. If enabled, the "Create" button changes to "Create Blog Post". Clicking this button will create a blog post based on a template.

Follow these steps to activate a “Blog space”:

  1. Go to the space you want to transform to a “blog space”. Choose Space Tools → Apps → Blog Post Templates.

  2. Make sure the setting "Templates for Blog Posts Add-on is enabled for this space" is activated.

  3. Activate the "Enforce Create Blog Post Button".

  4. The "Create" button in the header is now transformed.
    Instead of the well known “Create”, it will now say “Create Blog Post”.

Use the "Create blog post by template" button

The app provides a macro to create a blog post with one click, using a predefined template. It works the same way as the Create from Template Macro in Confluence. 

  1. Place the macro "Create blog post from template" on your page.

  2. Define the Button text.

  3. Choose the template you want to use.

  4. Enter a title. You may work with dynamic titles too.

  5. Save the macro.

  6. Save the page and use your new fancy button anywhere you like.

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