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Data Retention

This feature is part of Viewtracker 7 and higher.

What Data Retention is for

Administrators can now decide to limit the period for which Viewtracker data is stored. This feature is called "Data Retention".

Per default, all analytics data in Viewtracker is stored for all time (i.e. since Viewtracker was first installed on your instance). You only need this feature if you would like to limit the data retention period.

Limiting the time period may be useful for the following reasons:

  • Improving report performance in big Confluence instances with a lot of collected data.

  • Meeting data privacy regulations ("right to be forgotten").

How to change the Data Retention period

  1. Access the tracking settings via ⚙ → Analytics Cockpit → Tracking

  2. Select the tab "Data Retention".

  3. In the drop-down, choose a different data retention period.

  4. Confirm the warning message by selecting "Confirm period". This will permanently delete data outside the selected period.

Effects of a shorter Data Retention period

The app will remove all tracking data (views, searches) older than the selected time period. A Job will run every day at 1 AM to clear the excess data. 

  • The app will still store the total of the views for every content (page, blog, attachment). New views will be added to that total.

  • Tracked searches will be deleted forever.

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