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Protected Confluence Users

❓ Why do I see the entry "Protected Confluence User" in reports?

Answer: At one point in time, your administrator had enabled either the "Anonymize Viewers" Mode or the Extended Privacy Mode in the Viewtracker configuration. However, the setting is now back to "Standard," and you can see the other viewers' names in the reports.

Content Report example:

What the Extended Privacy Mode does

If the Extended Privacy Mode is enabled, Viewtracker will not track individual users. Instead of a user name, you will see "Protected Confluence User" in the statistics. As long as the Extended Privacy Mode is enabled, the user name will not be written into the database and will never be displayed in any Viewtracker reports. All views made during the Extended Privacy Mode will stay anonymized, even after switching to a different privacy setting.

→ also see: Extended Privacy Mode

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