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Release Notes


  • Move Sound code to into an own module, so it can now be deactivated by excluding the source code.

  • Move Desktop notifications into an own module.


  • Fix cross-site scripting via API Call. Thank you, Rashid :)


  • Catch if Desktop notifications are too old.


  • Desktop notifications


  • Added hide history configuration


  • Fix compilation error within Confluence 5.7


  • Change icon order in chatbar. #102


  • Pre Confluence 5.0: Instead of usernames, the chatboxId was shown in the chat history overview page (#80 reported by mikmouk )


  • Improve admin section to increase config page performance

  • Add page navigation in chat history overview

  • fix encoding problem on the chat history page

  • less database interaction on overview pages


  • The stored data structure changed, because of the support for confluence 5.3

  • Massive performance improvements for the server, because only one tab is polling the server now!

  • The milliseconds of the heartbeat are now customizable


  • Added a chat history UI

  • Added Tab in User profile to see all histories


  • Fix Transparency Issue if the colour of the confluence header couldn't be detected

  • Move Colordetection into own web-resource module -> so it could be deactivated


New Features

  • New UI for the chatbar (smaller one, to have fewer problems with the editor)


  • Sometimes messages could not be received or sent

  • The current status could be lost


This is a bugfixing release

  • problems in Chrome 12.0.742.112 (#49 reported by keithw1305 )

  • Play Sound setting was displayed wrong in the configuration screen (#48 reported by Memonen)

  • Users disappears sometimes (#38 reported by thomykay and gargouri22)

  • Messages received twice randomly (reported by gargouri22)

Thank you gargouri22 for testing and your researching!


  • Page name was truncated at by hyphen (#45 reported by anthony3123 )


  • Autoconfigure multiple spaces at once

  • Overview table with all space settings

  • Change global/space permission check from an AND to an OR

  • fix invalid breadcrumb in space administration


  • Permissions and Restrictions on Space level

  • Compatibility with Terms and Condition Plugin

  • Compatibility with Scaffolding Plugin

  • Some minor issues

  • Added french


  • multilingualism added


Because of a restructuring, the old messages are deleted. It may appear warnings in the log file.

  • the height of the textarea is now dynamic (like gtalk or facebook)

  • play sound when a new message arrives (could be globally disabled by an administrator or by the user)

  • alphabetical sorting of the users

  • ability to delete the chat data. The data could be deleted selectively by an admin or in the new dopmenu of the chatbox

IMPORTANT: If you upgrade from <= 1.1.1 and the chat doesn't work, please remove all chatboxes (could be deleted in the chat admin area => backend) and restart your confluence.


  • Add configuration to hide the configuration in edit mode.

  • Add configuration to enable javascript debug mode.

  • At the "Where I am Info" Url parser, I had forgotten the contextPath


  • Add a chat user link macro

  • Add Configuration of chat restriction (All or by groups)

  • Add the possibility to switch off the "where I am Info"

  • New small Javascript API, to start chats from outside "ConfluenceChatAPI"

  • Change window behaviour (close oldest, if there is not enough space - similar to gtalk))

  • Improved request permission

  • Improved the js

  • Added version number to js


This release fixes the important contextPath issue. If confluence is running under a certain contextPath, like "/confluence" the chat doesn't work. Additional fixes: the chat doesn't work)

  • Stop chat heartbeat when ajax url's are for more than three times unavailable (if chat is disabled or uninstalled by an admin)

  • encapsulated the javascript of the chat to avoid side effects

  • Usability: Stop chatbox flashing, after a chatbox mouseover or click into the chatbox

  • Suppressing deactivation of dynamic task list macro input elements, while an Ajax request


initial release

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