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Confidential Fields with Data Residency for Jira


“Confidential Fields with Data Residency for Jira” lets you set up a special type of custom field called Confidential Field. The app has three main components:

The app provides security and protects your most sensitive data in Jira Cloud: the data within custom fields.

Use cases

We built this app to resolve typical problems/requirements that companies face when using Jira Cloud:

⁉ Company problem: I have to control which system can access specific data.
💡 Solution: Store the encrypted data in the Jira database → see Hosting options

⁉ Company problem: I have regulatory requirements.
💡 Solution: Follow regulations by storing data in a secure database in a specific region → see Hosting options.

⁉ Company problem: Data sovereignty is key for my company.
💡 Solution: Store encrypted data in your own database (coming soon).

⁉ Company problem: I want to restrict who can view or edit sensitive data.
💡 Solution: Set specific permission settings for any custom field → see How to set Confidential Field permissions.

📖 Read about the different use cases in detail on our blog.

📖 Read our Atlassian Community post on the subject:

App Components

🔑 Data Encryption

Once active, the app will encrypt the data of newly created Confidential Fields. The private key is stored at Atlassian, and for each value, an additional random initialization vector is saved in the database. No unencrypted data is stored in the Atlassian Cloud or on bitvoodoo’s Infrastructure. Read more …

🔐 Access permission

Define who can view and edit data in custom fields. Read more …

🏘 Data Hosting

Atlassian Cloud customers can already choose their data residency. However, the options are limited. This can be an issue in regions where Atlassian does not yet offer data residency. Read more …


Follow the blue hints in the following demo to see how easy it is to set the hosting and your required restrictions on the Confidential Fields.

Note: to view the fullscreen version of the demo, click on the corresponding green icon in the upper left corner.

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