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Limitations of Confidential Fields

Limitations due to missing integrations

Various Atlassian cloud integration issues limit the Confidential Fields app’s functionality. We are very eager to implement the missing features as soon as Atlassian allows it.

Please feel free to vote for and watch the tickets that are linked below.

Issue Description

Atlassian Ticket/Communication

You can add Confidential Fields to screens at any stage by following this instruction. However, Confidential Fields data can only be displayed in the Issue View.

Confidential Fields are not displayed on a Request Type on the Customer Portal in Jira Service Management. Currently, the Atlassian Forge framework does not allow vendors to show fields on the customer portal.

Resolved limitations

(tick) As of Spring 2023, Confidential Fields can be used both in company- and team-managed projects. Before, it was only possible to use them in company-managed projects.

Limitations due to the nature of Confidential Fields

  • Since the data in the Confidential Field is encrypted, the Jira search cannot be used to search for the entered information.

  • For the same reason, Confidential Field data cannot be accessed via the API.

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