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Administrator's Guide

Administration interface

To manage your occasion, go to

 → General configuration → Configuration → Congrats

Configuring fields

Fields are the occasions you are able to define. Birthday and date of commencement are already predefined, marked as Systemfields. You can

  • add additional occasions

  • edit the name and description of occasions

  • deactivate existing occasions, i.e. for this occasion no events can be defined and they will not be selectable within the Congrats macro

  • delete occasions. Note: predefined occasions cannot be deleted, only deactivated

Editing fields

  • Name: Name of the field/occasion

  • Description: Details about the field

Configure events

To let occasions take effect in the Congrats macro, you have to specify events accordingly. You define how often the occasion occurs and in which time interval. Let's give you an example: The field birthday just gives general information about the occasion (name and description). In order to define how often a birthday occurs, you have to define an event e.g. named "birthday". With that event, you can define that birthdays occur yearly and do not have any limit on how often they occur. Another example could be a wedding, for which the event would be set to yearly and the number of occurrences to 1.

Editing events

  • Trigger field: Field/occasion for which the event is set

  • Event name: Name of the event

  • Repeats: yearly/monthly/weekly - in which time interval the event occurs

  • Max. occurrences: how often does the event occur, e.g. above mentioned wedding would be 1; 0 means that there is no limitation on how often the event occurs.

  • Description: Details about the event

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