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Content Scheduler permissions

Who can schedule content?

Every user with the “Create Content” permission in the Content Scheduler Space can schedule content.

Default permissions

Default permissions are set in the Content Scheduler Space during the installation of the Content Scheduler. For a default Confluence, they look like this:

With this setting, every user in Confluence can schedule blog posts and pages.

Invalid changes of the permissions in the Content Scheduler Space can break the Content Scheduler.

Custom permissions

Since these space permissions are used by the Content Scheduler, you can use them for some configuration purposes. 

The permissions have the following usage: 

  • Add page - allows the scheduling of pages for this group of users

  • Add Blog Posts - allows the scheduling of blogs for this group of users

  • Restrictions - allows defining restrictions and sharing the schedule content with other editors.

Only allow a specific group to schedule content

If you would like to restrict scheduling content to a specific group (for example content-editor-group), you can configure the permissions like this:

Deactivate Page scheduling

If you remove the Add Page permission, the users can't schedule pages anymore. Therefore, the Schedule button isn't displayed in the editor.

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