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Content Scheduler Space

The Content Scheduler Space is created by the Content Scheduler app during the installation. This Space is used to store the scheduled content temporarily until the content is published.

Since this space isn't intended to create any own content within, the following warning message will be displayed if the users tries to create content. If the user needs to create content within this space, the message can be closed.

Properties of this space


The default SpaceKey of this Space is SCHED. If this space key has already been used, a numeric counter will be added to this key.

Name of the space

The name of the space is Content Scheduler.

Scheduled content 

You can't see the Schedule button in the editor because new content cannot be scheduled in this space.


During the initiation of this space, specific space permissions will be applied based on the current Global Permissions of Confluence.

For a default Confluence instance, it looks like this: 

With this setting, every user in Confluence can schedule blog posts and pages.

Invalid changes of the permissions in the Content Scheduler Space can break the Content Scheduler.

If you would like to restrict or grant a new user group permission to schedule content, please read the page Content Scheduler permissions.

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