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How to create a bitvoodoo Support ZIP

Our support team may ask you to provide the bitvoodoo Support ZIP file when you create a bug report or raise a support request. This contains configuration files and other helpful information about your bitvoodoo app installation and helps us troubleshoot your issue more quickly.

(info) Only Confluence administrators can create a Support ZIP. If you are not an administrator and need to supply the Support ZIP, please ask your Confluence administrator to create it for you.

This is not the standard Confluence Support ZIP and contains less data for security and privacy reasons. Please use the bitvoodoo Support ZIP whenever possible.

Confluence Administrators can create the bitvoodoo Support ZIP file as follows:

  • Access  ⚙ → Manage apps → System App: Administration UI → Configure and click "Download ZIP".

  • Use the URL <confluence-url>/admin/plugins/bitvoodoo/support.action and click “Download ZIP”.

  • For a direct download of the ZIP, use <confluence-url>/rest/bitvoodoo-admin/1.0/support/export

Then, attach the bitvoodoo Support ZIP to your ticket so that we can troubleshoot the issue.

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