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Create a dashboard using the Global Dashboard blueprint


This tutorial applies to Confluence 5.0 and higher.

Level of experience:


Time estimate:

It should take you less than 5 minutes to complete this tutorial.

Overview of the tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a dashboard with the Enterprise Theme Global Dashboard blueprint. To complete this tutorial, you should have installed and enabled the Enterprise Theme globally

Step 1. Choose the Global Dashboard blueprint

The Global Dashboard blueprint is only available for system administrators.

In this step you first choose the Global Dashboard blueprint and start editing.

  1. Press C or click the the Create Button, to create new content.

  2. Then choose the blueprint Global Dashboard

  3. Click Create and an information dialog is shown.

  4. If you now click on Create again, you will enter the Confluence editor with the predefined blueprint content.

  5. Start editing the content of your dashboard in the Confluence editor.

Step 2. Create the content of your dashboard and apply

In the Confluence editor you are now able to define the content of your custom dashboard. The following points are important: 

  • The page title is later used as the name of the dashboard tab.

  • Make sure that you don't place restricted content into a public dashboard.

After you've finished your editing, just save your changes, go to the homepage of Confluence and see your newly created dashboard in action.

Step 3. Next steps

When creating a new custom dashboard, the default dashboard of Confluence didn't change. That's why you may want to:

  • Configure your new custom dashboard as default dashboard for your users

  • Rename or hide the default dashboard of Confluence

All those configurations are done in the Dashboard administration.

Hide the tabs on the Confluence dashboard

If you configure your dashboards in a way, that only one dashboard is visible, the tabs for switching Enterprise Theme dashboards will be hidden on the Confluence dashboard.

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