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Enterprise Theme 6.0.0

With great pleasure, we announce the release 6.0.0 of the bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme.

Upgrade Notes

Please read the Upgrade Notes 6.0 if you are upgrading from a previous version


Say hello to the new Enterprise Theme design "Bernina"!

Header Images

The Enterprise Theme takes the branding options for your Confluence one step further by enabling you to use header images. You can now easily add header images to dashboards as well as regular pages. Since you can define different image heights for dashboards versus content pages, you can use that big and beautiful image on the dashboard, while still providing quick access to the content below the header on standard pages by using a smaller or no image.

New Menu structure and Layout of pages

With the new design, standard menu entries like "People" and "Spaces" are now scaffolded providing a cleaner and simpler navigation. Space Tools and Space Shortcuts are also at a new position behind a new icon. The Bernina design introduces a background colour framing boxes leading to a clean and fresh look and feel.

Build awesome dashboards

If you combine the Bernina Design with the Titled Panelbox macro you can build cool dashboards.

Better performance with Bernina

Through a simpler and reworked implementation of the Bernina design the performance of the Enterprise Theme is now as fast as never before.

Other changes

Redesigned Titled Panelbox Macro

The Titled Panelbox Macro now includes the possibility to directly add a button inside the macro itself. Furthermore it is possible to set icons in the title and button. Let's be creative!

Next to the new features of this macro, we simplified the configuration of the macro massively by grouping macro parameters in the interface.

Similar to the Titled Panelbox macro the Quicklinks macro now also has a new set of ever sharp icons.

More design influence with hidden features 

We added hidden features that allow advanced users to change additional aspects of the design. Would you like to have the username next to the user image in the header? - no problem, just read the article Dark features in the Enterprise Theme how to achieve this. 

Upgrade Notes

Before you upgrade, we recommend creating a backup of your theme configurations. If necessary, this export can be imported again after upgrading.

Please read the Upgrade Notes 6.0 if you are upgrading from a previous version to the Version 6.x.


Download and install the Enterprise Theme App from the Atlassian Marketplace or through the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager.


A personal note - Special Thanks

Because this release is one of the biggest releases of the Enterprise Theme regarding refactoring and rebuilding the theme behind the scene, I like to thank our team.
Thank you for so much power, motivation, vision and great ideas that resulted in this release. I can't wait to share the result with all of our customers.

These people mainly worked on this release the last couple of months and deserve a special thanks:





Thank you also to the rest of the good working bitvoodoo team - I love to work with you!


@a user

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