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Page Alias

A page alias is an alternative address (URL) to a Confluence page or blog post. Aliases are very helpful to make page URLs more meaningful. Every page or blog post can have multiple aliases, which is useful when more than one language is being used in Confluence.

Another advantage of aliases is the fact that an alias can be reused. E.g: A Confluence page with a contact form is replaced with a different page that contains a new contact form. The alisas contact, which is pointing to the page with the old contact form, can simply be reassigned to the page with the new form. Without the user noticing, the same alias has been changed to linked to the new contact page with a totally different URL.

Other possible use cases:

  • The aliases contact and kontakt both point to the same page Contact Us. This allows multilingual access to the same contact page. 
  • If the aliases Help, SupportServiceDesk and care are assigned to the page Support, users have the possiblity to use different URLs depending on the context.
  • The alias latest-release can always link to the most recent release notes.

Create and Edit Aliases

Global configuration

Aliases for pages and blog posts of all spaces can be defined in the global Confluence administration: Enterprise Theme Page Aliases

Configuration for individual spaces

Aliases for a space can be defined in the space administration: Space Admin → Enterprise Theme → Page Aliases

Click the button Add alias to open the dialogue to define an alias.

Enter the page or the blog post you would like to define an alias for. The autocomplete function is helping you to find the page or blog post you want to link to. Keep in mind that if you are in the space administration, only pages and post of that particular spaces will be displayed.

Important: Aliases in Confluence can only be defined once. E.g: If the alias latest-release is already used in space A, it can not be used again in space B.

All aliases are listed in an overview table from where they can be edited or deleted.

In this overview the complete URL for each alias is displayed. E.g: The letter a right after the base URL is necessary for technical reasons and can not be omited. However there are several other words are implemented in the Enterprise Theme that can be used in stead of the letter a:

  • goto
  • alias
  • direct
  • short
  • kurz

Thus the following aliases would work as well for the example mentioned above:

If you are missing a word that would be helpful, please contact us.

Display all Aliases of a Page

A user can view all aliases that have been created for a page: Tools Link to this Page... or with the shortcut

Pre Confluence 6

Export & Import

As with all Enterprise Theme features, aliases can be exported and imported in the administration console: Enterprise Theme Export & Import

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