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Can I link to a specific tab?

On Navitabs Cloud, this is possible in the following tab macros:

By default, the first tab and its content is displayed when a tabbed page is loaded. If you want to link to another tab instead, proceed as follows:

  1. Create the tabs and their content.

  2. Publish the page.

  3. Click on the tab you want to be active when the page is loaded. This will change the Confluence URL and add a hash, so it will look something like this: Your+Page+Name#8394215a-b9f7-4b2a-8c58-0b0d47eed0d4

  4. Copy the entire URL and paste it in other Confluence documents. The smart link will display the entire hash, so you may want to edit the link text manually.

Please note:

  • Using this URL will not scroll to the selected tab content. It will only select a specific tab and display its content.

  • This will not work for nested navigation; it’s impossible to link directly to a tab that lies in the content of another tab.

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