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Migrating from Macro Toolbox to Navitabs

This article is about switching to Navitabs after having used the Macro Toolbox app by Good Software. For migration help from Navitabs Server/DC to Cloud, consult this page: How to migrate Navitabs

Migrating Macro Toolbox to Navitabs - Tabs for Confluence Cloud

Macro Toolbox by Good Software was discontinued in 2019 and will not receive further updates. To help anyone who relies on the Tabs Control and Panel macros, we introduced an easy way to migrate to Navitabs - Tabs for Confluence Cloud without losing any of your content.

All existing Tabs will be shown as usual through a compatibility mode provided by Navitabs. There is no need for any complicated migration steps.

Steps for the migration

  1. Uninstall Macro Toolbox.

  2. Install Navitabs - Tabs for Confluence.

  3. Obtain a valid license or evaluation.

  4. Done! 

Yes, it's that easy. 🙂

Differences between Toolbox and Navitabs

The visual difference is minimal and is limited to the editor.  When viewing a page, you will see no difference.

Tabs in Macro Toolbox

Tabs in Navitabs


While we currently offer Tabs within Navitabs, the Expander and HTML Macro are not included for the time being.

Macro features



Horizontal Tabs



Vertical Tabs






HTML macro



How to add new tabs with Navitabs?

Not much different from Macro Toolbox. “Tabs Control” is called “Tab Group”, and “Tabs Panel” is simply called “Tab” in Navitabs. They all act the same!

  1. Add the Tab Group macro to a page.

  2. Add Tab macros inside Tab Group.

  3. Save your page.

Alternatively, use the Tab Wizard to create tabs based on child pages, labels, or your own selection.

Java message when using Navitabs and Macro Toolbox together

If you have Navitabs - Tabs for Confluence Cloud and Macro Toolbox by Good Software enabled on your Confluence, you might get the following Java message:

Java.lang.IllegalStateException: Duplicate key LazyLoadedMacroDecorator{name=com.atlassian.plugins.atlassian-connect-plugin:wiki_ch.bitvoodoo.confluence.plugin.navitabs_com-addonengine-macrotoolboxforcloud-macros-tabs-control}

bitvoodoo created new modules to ensure the compatibility of the two apps. These have the same key as the modules from Macro Toolbox, which generates this Java message. 

To solve this problem, you have to disable Macro Toolbox in the settings under "manage apps". 

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