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What happened to the macros Childtabs, Labeltabs and Tabs?

For the latest version of Navitabs Cloud, released in March 2023, we have revamped the tab creation completely by introducing the Tab Wizard. We have hidden the older macros for more clarity.
As of 2023, only the following three macros are available:

Tab Wizard

This new macro combines the existing macros Childtabs, Labeltabs and Tabs (with built-in editor). It also offers more options to create your own tabs. All information is in the documentation Tab Wizard.

(info) If you look for “Tabs”, “Navitabs”, “Childtabs”, “Labeltabs” or similar in the macro browser, the Tab Wizard macro will be presented to you.

Tab Group

Wrapper macro for Tab macros. See Tab Group Macro.

(tick) Tip: Give the new option Tab Wizard | Create-your-own-tabs a try - it may not be necessary to work with Tab Group & Tab macros anymore.


Add as many Tab macros as needed within the Tab Group macro and fill them with the desired content. See Tab Macro.

Old macros: Childtabs, Labeltabs, Tabs Editor, Navitabs

  • These macros are not available in the macro browser anymore. Instead, the Tab Wizard macro will be presented.

  • Existing pages with the old macros still work, and the macros can be edited.

  • For new tabs, please use the Tab Wizard only.

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