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Tab Group Macro

This macro is a wrapper macro that generates a tab navigation with the individual Tab macros that are inserted.

This macro was formerly called "Localtab-Group Macro".

Settings of the Tab Group macro

In the Tab Group macro, you can decide whether to display the tabs horizontally (default) or vertically (use the toggle in the macro editor) and pick a tab design.


You can create your own tab designs 🎨 . We have created a separate page with all the details.

Here’s how to change the tab design within the Tab Group macro:

  1. Edit the Tab Group macro.

  2. Under “Tab Design”, use the drop-down menu to see a list of all available tab designs.

  3. Choose another tab design from the list. Check the preview.

  4. Select “Save” in the macro overlay.

  5. (Re-)Publish your page. The tabs within the Tab Group macro will be changed to the new design.

Alternatively, if none of the tab designs in the list is suitable, you can create a new tab design.

To see Tab Group and Tab macros in use, please go to the Tab Macro documentation.

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