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Overwrite the "Create" button

If you want to overwrite the default Confluence "Create" button in your space, you can configure it in the following setting.

Reasons for overwriting the "Create" button

  • Enabling this option trains your users to create blog posts instead of pages in Confluence.

  • The creation of a new blog post will be easier since it is literally just a click away.

  • You can show the user that the specific space is a blog space with news.

Space Configuration

In the space configuration, you can enforce the "Create Blog Post" Button for the specific space.

  1. Go to the space you want to transform to a “blog space”. Choose Space Tools → Apps → Blog Post Templates.

  2. Make sure the setting "Templates for Blog Posts Add-on is enabled for this space" is activated.

  3. Activate the "Enforce Create Blog Post Button".

  4. The "Create" button in the header is now transformed.
    Instead of the well known “Create”, it will now say “Create Blog Post”.

Administrator Configuration

In the administrator configuration, you will see the list of all spaces and can enforce the "Create Blog Post" Button for the specific space.

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