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Why are the translations not displayed when the page is shared with a "Public Link"?

The Confluence public link, available for Confluence Cloud Standard and Premium, is a unique URL that directs to a secure, view-only version of an individual Confluence page. Content on a page with public links can be viewed and shared with anyone. Public links allow you to share pages with customers, partners, contractors, or other external people without paying for extra Confluence licenses.

The public link leads to a view-only version of the page. This view-only version hides content outside the shared page and blocks some Confluence functionalities.

Most macros are unavailable, including all third-party macros, so their content cannot be displayed.

In this Atlassian documentation, you will find the list of macros whose contents are currently displayed:

Alternative: If you do not have sensitive data on the page, you can make the space containing the shared page available for anonymous users. The users will see all macro content by accessing the page as anonymous users.

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