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Language Macros 4.1.0

We're excited to present the latest release for Language Macros. It's all about improved usability for international Confluence users!

New Language Switcher

Switching languages to display the page's content in different languages used to be tiresome. That's why we now show a language drop-down menu as soon as more than one language macro is used on a page. Simply switch between languages by clicking on the flag.

Read all about it here: Language drop-down to change languages quickly

If you're not impressed with having yet another icon in your page's header: Don't worry, you can disable it in the Confluence Administration.

Translations in German, French and Spanish

Language macros are all about language. So we thought it only logical to provide some translations of our macros to make the editor more user-friendly for our international users. The description of the macros and their titles are now available in German, French and Spanish. 

Why this matters: If your Confluence runs in German, French or Spanish, you can look for language macros in your mother tongue:

Example: Confluence's language is set to German (Deutsch)

  1. In the editor, type an opening curly bracket and start typing "deut".

  2. Choose the suggestion "Deutsch".

  3. No worries if you're used to the English version! You can still type "german", and the right macro will be suggested:

What about other languages? Our app contains over 30 language macros, so we had to focus on three of them in the first step. If you think that we should absolutely include your language as well, just reach out to us!

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