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Which language is displayed?

Which language is displayed where and when might be confusing at first. That's why we have listed the different language settings for “Translations for Confluence” and how they affect your user experience.

The following information applies to the language displayed on Confluence pages. If you are using Translations for Confluence for knowledge base articles in Jira Service Management (JSM), please refer to the page translations of Jira Service Management articles.

Which language is displayed to whom?

The language a user sees when accessing a Confluence page will depend on the following factors, in order from highest to lowest importance:

  1. The language the user chooses using the language drop-down on a particular page. The language selection is valid for that page only and will be saved for later visits to that page.

  2. The user's profile language (set in Confluence). Users must be logged in for this setting to take effect. Anonymous users will skip this step.

  3. The user's browser language (set in the user's browser settings)

  4. Confluence's default language (set by Confluence administrator)

Flow Chart

If you prefer a more technical approach: This flowchart demonstrates the principles stated above.

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