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How to enable/disable Atlassian's Analytics for Confluence?


As of February 2021, the app "Analytics for Confluence" is automatically bundled with Confluence Data Center (7.11 and above).

Viewtracker DC customers see only Viewtracker data by default. “Analytics for Confluence” can be manually enabled again; see instruction below ⬇️ . 

How to enable “Analytics for Confluence” again

We suggest you stick to Viewtracker data for the following reasons:

  • The different metrics and reports might confuse Confluence users.

  • Listing both metrics on the page might slow down the page load.

  • Using both apps might impair Confluence's overall performance.

Still, it is entirely possible to use both apps simultaneously. To enable the “Analytics for Confluence” data again, an administrator needs to proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Confluence administration → Manage apps and select “Viewtracker”.

  2. Expand the List of Modules and search for "Hide Analytics for Confluence" within this menu.

  3. Disable this module to re-activate the built-in Analytics.

How to disable the "Analytics for Confluence" app

As a Confluence Administrator, you can disable Atlassian's Analytics app.

  1. Go to the Confluence administration → Manage apps and search for "Analytics for Confluence".

  2. Use the "Disable" button to disable the app for good.

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