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Using Viewtracker Macro in the global layouts of Refined Theme

If you used our Viewtracker Macro in the global layout of Confluence and then changed to a Theme from Refined, you will see that Viewtracker disappears from your page. But don't worry: You still can work with the Viewtracker Macro. However, you have to put it in the Refined global layout following the instructions below.

How to insert Vietracker Macro correctly in the Refined global layouts?

  1.  Go to ⚙  → REFINED → Configuration

  2. Go to the register "Layout"

  3. Here you can edit your Layouts. Just choose your layout and click the edit button.

  4. Here you can see the structure of the Refined pages. You see different sections for the Header, Footer or Sidebar and if you hover over the section you will se the add-button. Click on it if you want to edit this section

  5. In this example, we placed the Viewtracker Macro in the page header. Hit “Save” on the top of the page.

  6. This is the result of our example. You will have the same outcome as in the Confluence global layout.

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