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Viewtracker 7.2.0

New Content Report

The new version of the Viewtracker Content Report provides more information about the use of pages and blog posts. Among other KPIs, you will now see:

  • who contributes to the content of the page or blog post (contributors)

  • how often do users interact with the page (engaged users)

  • which page attachments were viewed, by whom, and how often (attachments)


You can now see who has worked on a page or blog post.

Engaged Users

Engaged users are users who have commented, liked or watched a page or blog post. With the standard privacy setting, you can see their full names and the date and time of their last edit.


The Attachments report will show you

  • which page attachments were viewed or downloaded

  • who viewed them (unique viewers)

  • how often each attachment was viewed or downloaded in total

Read the Content Report documentation for all details.

Note to Users with Internet Explorer 11

Version 7.2.0 has brought technical improvements to the Content Report. Unfortunately, these are not supported by Internet Explorer 11. Instead of excluding users with this browser, we have decided to continue to display the previous Content Report version to them. 

If you wish to gain more insight into the use of the pages and blog posts, we recommend that you use a more modern and secure browser.

Caching of all Reports

We have extended the caching function that is important for large Confluence instances. If caching is activated by a Confluence Administrator, the performance of all Viewtracker reports and macros is improved. However, this also means that recent activities will only appear in these reports and macros after 10 minutes. See this page: Caching in Reports

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