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Labeltabs Macro

The Labeltabs macro has been replaced by the new macro Tab Wizard | Define-labels with identical options.
Existing Labeltabs macros and their content will remain in place, but you will have to create new tab navigations by using the Tab Wizard.

Define a specific label in this macro. The macro will automatically generate tabs from all pages with the defined label and display their content in them.

Labeltabs macro main elements

How to use the Labeltabs macro

  1. Insert the Labeltab macro on a page.

  2. In the field “Labels”, enter one or various labels.

  3. Optional: Use a CQL query to narrow down the results. For example, you can filter for the space “Spacename” using

    space = "Spacename"

  4. Set additional macro parameters (see options below).
    Use the preview to check if everything looks as expected.

  5. Save the macro settings by hitting “Insert” and publish the page.

Options in the macro editor

Labeltabs macro parameters

  • To display the tabs vertically, activate the toggle "Display the tabs vertically". By default, tabs are oriented horizontally.

  • To reverse the tab order, activate the toggle “Reverse the tab sort order”.

  • To truncate tab names, enter the number of characters that will be removed (starting from the beginning of the tab names). This makes sense in long page titles to save space. By default, the entire title appears.

  • To change the tabs' height, set a new value (in pixels) in the "Tab height" field. The default height is 750 pixels. You may have to change the height manually for long content.

Change the tab design

As of autumn 2021, it is possible to create your own tab designs 🎨 . We have created a separate page with all the details.

Here’s how to change the tab design within the Labeltabs macro:

  1. Edit the Tab Wizard macro.

  2. Under “Tab Design”, use the drop-down menu to see a list of all available tab designs.

  3. Choose another tab design from the list. Check the preview.

  4. Select “Save” in the macro overlay.

  5. (Re-)Publish your page. The tabs will be changed to the new design.

Alternatively, if none of the tab designs in the list is suitable, you can create a new tab design.

Note on blog posts

The Labeltab macro only works with pages on Confluence Cloud. Blog posts will not appear as Labeltabs even if they contain the specified label. Only pages with the defined label will be part of the tab navigation.

Example use case

The pages "Localtab Macro" and "Confluence Macros" contain the label "marketing". To display these pages as tabs, add the Labeltabs macro and enter the label "marketing".

The pages "Localtab Macro" and "Confluence Macros" with all their content are displayed as tabs on the page.

Suggested reading

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