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Tabs Macro

The Tabs macro has been replaced by the new macro Tab Wizard | Create-your-own-tabs. This macro also has new options. For example, you can embed external content as tabs.

Existing Tabs macros and their content will remain in place, but you will have to create new tabs using the Tab Wizard.


“Tabs” allows you to quickly create, label, and fill tabs with standard content (text, images, status, panels, etc.). If you insert a “Tabs” macro, a built-in tab editor will open within your page.

Built-in tab editor with tab content and many formatting options

How to use the Tabs Editor

  • Insert tab content: Enter any content (text, images, macros like status, panels, etc.) the way you are used to in the Confluence Cloud editor.

  • Add a new tab: Select "+ Add Tab".

  • Label the new tab: Select the pen icon and start typing.

  • Delete a tab: Select the trash can icon and confirm by selecting "Delete". This action will delete the tab and all its content.


  • Change the tab orientation:

    In the latest version: tap the brush icon . Under “Tab Orientation”, activate the toggle “Vertical orientation”. Tab “Close”.

Save & Cancel button

Any changes to tabs and their content are saved automatically.

  • Tab "Save" to save all changes and close the macro editor. The preview will appear directly on the page. Tab "Publish" to present your tabs to the world.

  • Tab "Cancel" to close the macro editor without saving the latest changes. Use this option if you added or deleted tab content by mistake.

Working with emojis in the Tabs Macro

Emojis are a quick and fun way to draw more attention to your content. Wouldn’t it be cool to use them to embellish individual tabs? This is possible with a tiny detour 🎉 !

Unfortunately, you cannot use Confluence’s emojis library when giving your tab a name. However, you can use any external emoji tool and copy the desired emoji into the clipboard. In the Tabs editor, edit the tab, then paste the emoji before or after the tab name.

1. Tap the pen icon :edit:

2. Paste the emoji before or after the tab name - or in both locations 🙂

The embellished tab titles will appear on the published page in the selected tab design:

Screenshot of tabs with emojis

Change Tab Design

As of autumn 2021, you can define your own tab designs 🎨 . We have created a separate page with all the details.

Here’s how to change the tab design within the Tabs macro:

  1. Edit the Tabs macro. The macro editor opens as a new interface.

  2. On the line with the tabs, select the blue icon with the brush.

  3. Under “Tab Design”, select “Switch to other tab design”.

  4. Choose another tab design. Check the preview.

  5. Select “Save” in the Tabs macro editor.

  6. (Re-)Publish your page. The tabs will be changed to the new design.

Tab Design menu in Tabs editor

Alternatively, if none of the tab designs in the list is suitable, you can create a new tab design.

Feedback on the Tabs Macro?

The “Tabs” macro is a new Navitabs feature since February 2021. We are collecting feedback on your user experience with this feature. Please use the speaker icon :feedback: in the editor to submit any feedback. Thank you so much for your input!

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