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Why do the translations not appear in Firefox?

Update 2023: We have changed how we save the user’s preferred language. The preferred language should not be blocked by Firefox any longer.

  • The last language a user picked in the language drop-down is saved in the user properties of the logged-in Atlassian user.

  • For anonymous users, only the browser language is taken into consideration when they access a page with language macros.

If you are still facing the issue that translations don’t appear at all, please proceed as described below ⬇ .


Firefox enabled a strict “Enhanced Tracking Protection” for Firefox versions 91 and above.

Read all about it on their page:

We save a user’s preferred language (selected in the language drop-down) in the local storage, which is blocked by Firefox by default. This leads to various problems when using our Translations app, namely in Firefox versions 102 and above.


Turn off the Enhanced Tracking Protection for your Confluence site. Do this by deactivating the toggle “Enhanced Tracking Protection” as described in this section of the Firefox Help article.

Screenshot from Firefox Help

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