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Data Structure of Translations for Confluence

“Translations for Confluence” is mainly based on macros. The translated data is stored in the content and is, therefore, present in the XML, HTML or PDF export files.

If the app is installed on the destination Confluence, all macros' contents will work after performing a space import.

However, there is one type of data that is stored in the database and cannot be migrated by space export and import: the translated page titles. What this means: Only the original page title will be included in the export.

If you need to access the translated page titles, an administrator can look for them in the database.


The table is structured as follows:





ID of the Confluence content

ID of the title translation

Language Code of the used language

The translated title

We don’t recommend doing a manual migration of this data through SQL insert. If you import Confluence spaces by space import, the pages get a new ID, so the CONTENT_ID will not match with imported spaces. At the moment, there is no easy way to migrate this data. 

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