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Pagetitle Macro

The Pagetitle macro allows you to write and display page titles in different languages.


With the release of version 5.x, using the Pagetitle Macro is no longer advisable. Instead, please only use the option "Translate title".

Step by Step: Using Pagetitle on a Confluence Page

  1. Create a new empty page.

  2. Open the macro browser and start typing out the first language. Choose the desired language.

  3. Make sure your cursor is placed inside the language macro. Open the macro browser and start typing "pagetitle". Choose the macro "Pagetitle".

  4. Type in the title of the page in the desired language and click "Insert".

  5. Type your content next to the pagetitle macro.

  6. Proceed with any other language you want.

  7. Save the page.

Your content and the page title will be displayed only in the language you have selected in your user profile.

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