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Translations for Confluence 5.0

Beware - major release, including the renaming of the app! Please welcome "Translations for Confluence" - the app formerly known as "Language Macros for Confluence" 🎉 .

New Name: Translations for Confluence

"Language Macros" has long been a bit of a wallflower, frankly speaking. But we have invested a lot of time and brainpower in this app since the beginning of 2020, making the app more powerful and user-friendly. In spring 20, we introduced version 4 featuring translations in German, Spanish and French, as well as a language drop-down to quickly switch between languages. With the introduction of the "Translate title" function (read below), we thought it was time for a more descriptive name - after all, this app is all about translation management. The app is now called, in all simplicity: Translations for Confluence.

The language macros themselves remain the crucial element of the app to translate a page's content, but the app can do much more now.

Translate Page Title Interface

Let's face it - translating page titles has long been a hassle. Well, not anymore! With our brand-new "Translate title" button and interface, available on every page and blog post, you can now enter the page title's translation in any of 40 languages. 

Look at the documentation for all the details: Translate Page Title

Multilingual Intranet Ahead!

The best part about the "translate title" functionality: The translated page titles will be used in the page tree, many everyday macros and even in search! This is a big leap towards truly multilingual intranets.

The translations will have an effect on a variety of platforms. For full information, please read along: Where the translated page titles will appear

Display all Languages

The language drop-down on each page now allows you to display all available languages at the same time. This is handy for review purposes or if you want to export the entire page content at once.

More Goodies

  • Improved Administration UI

  • Easier support access

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