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How do I find the user name in the exported data?

If you consult the CSV export files from Viewtracker cloud, you will see that there is an “Account Id” instead of a user name. The Account Id looks like this: 557058:a1641b35-a550-4a7a-a3cc-84fe0959b999.

Example VT Views export with Account Ids (partly greyed out)

Please note that if "Extended Privacy Mode" is selected in the Data Privacy setting, the user’s account ID will not be recorded and will therefore not be included in the exported CSV.

Read more about the data collected in Viewtracker: Viewtracker Data Structure

Why is this data not easily accessible?

Cloud apps cannot read usernames or full names because of data privacy regulations (GDPR). Of course, Viewtracker complies with these regulations. Read more in Atlassian’s development guidelines.  

The Account ID is how Viewtracker identifies each user without storing any PII (personally identifiable information). We understand that this is not very convenient for users who create reports with Viewtracker data.

How to access the user name

There is a way to access the user names, but it requires a few extra steps.

You need to be a Confluence administrator to perform this action.

  1. Carry out a User Export from the Atlassian User Management. This contains both the User Id (equals Account Id) and the full username.

  2. Carry out a CSV export of Viewtracker Data.

  3. If you map the first columns of the two exports, you can "attach" the Username to the action (view, edit, etc.).

This mapping will be required every time a new Viewtracker data export is performed.

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