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Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence Cloud


📈 Gain valuable insight into who is visiting your Confluence pages. The Viewtracker app provides more information than just counting page hits. It offers important user behavior details, for example:

  • How many users have viewed a specific Confluence page? Are they logged in or anonymous users?

  • How often has a certain space or content been viewed in comparison to others?

  • Who are the most active users (contributors) per space?

  • Which content is not visited or should be updated?

  • Which attachments are viewed or downloaded?

  • Which Confluence searches return no results?

📥 The data of all reports can be exported or accessed via API.

Content Report

Space Report

Global Report

Types of Reports

Content Report (Page or Blog post)

See how many people have viewed or contributed to a specific page or blog post and their attachments. 
📖 Read all about the Content Report

Space Report

See how many users have viewed and contributed to the content of a Space. The included Content & Usage Report also allows you to identify which content has not been viewed or updated for a long time. 📖 Read all about the Space Report

Global Report

  • This report visualizes all views and contributions of the entire Confluence instance.

  • The included Content & Usage Report provides more metrics of the overall performance of your Confluence instance and gives you powerful filters to customize your reports. 

  • Analyze your users’ searches and the number of results with the Search Report.

Only a Confluence Administrator can change settings for the reports. However, an administrator can grant users read-only permissions for the Global Report.
📖 Read all about the Global Report

📥 The data of all reports can be exported or accessed via API.

(info) It can take up to 1 minute before the views are displayed in the reports.

Administrator's Guide

Get to know all settings and possibilities when using Viewtracker.

→ To the Administrator's Guide


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