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Popular Content Macro

The Popular Content macro displays the top contents in the current space for a defined date range. Top contents are pages and blog posts with the most views aggregated in Viewtracker. 

Popular Content Macro

The Popular Content macro is the only macro available on Viewtracker Cloud. Many more statistics and KPIs are accessible in the different built-in Viewtracker reports.

How to use the Popular Content macro

  1. Insert the macro by searching for "popular content".

  2. For the default behavior (entire current space, last 30 days), tap "Insert.”

  3. The macro will display the most popular content (top 10) embedded in the current page.

    Popular pages of the Viewtracker Cloud documentation in the last 30 days


  • Change the Date Range from "Absolute" to "Relative" to insert any number of days (details see below).

  • Insert one or various labels to filter the popular content by those labels.

  • Insert a root page if you want only to see the views of its specific child pages.

Example: Popular content within root page “Viewtracker Reports”, date range “relative”, views in the last 14 days:

Absolute vs. Relative Data Range

  • If you want top-10 statistics for a fixed period (eg. the first 30 days after a space was created), choose “Absolute” (default) and specify the desired date range in the date picker.

  • If you want statistics for the last 30 days, choose “Relative” (default) and type in “30” in the field “Days before today”.

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