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Attachment Tracking Settings

Include or exclude file types

As a Confluence Administrator, you can decide which file types (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Gliffy, Images, etc.) you would like to track. You may want to track very specific file types only to keep the Viewtracker reports "clean". 

  1. Data Center: In the Analytics Cockpit, select “Tracking”.

    Cloud: In the Global Report, tap “Manage Tracking”, then “Tracking”.


  2. In the field “Attachment File Type”, you are presented with a list of file types that are currently tracked.


  3. Click on the list to add or remove file types. The changes will be saved automatically.

  4. The Attachment Report will now show the file types you have selected, starting today.

Note: Existing attachment views (collected before the settings were changed) will remain in the database and will not be deleted. They might show up in the report.

Available file types for tracking

Differences between file type tracking on Viewtracker on-premise and Cloud:

  • Data Center/Server: specific MIME types are tracked

  • Cloud: specific extensions are tracked


  • Document

  • Template

  • Document with Macro

  • Template with Macro


  • Sheets

  • CSV

  • Sheets with Macro

  • Template with Macro

  •  Add-in with Macro

  •  Binary sheet with macro

  •  Spreadsheet

  •  Spreadsheet with template



  • GIF

  • PNG

  • TIF

  • TIFF

  • JPEG

  • BMP

  • SVG

  • WEBP

  • x-icon


  • Presentation

  • Slideshow

  • Template

  • Add-in with macro enabled

  • Presentation with macro

  • Template with macro

  • Slideshow with Macro



  • Ms proj

  • MSproject 

  • x-msproject

  • x-dos MS project


  • MPEG

  • MSvideo  

  • Webm

  • MP4

  • Quicktime video

  • WMV


  • ZIP

  • GZIP

  • 7ZIP

  • TAR

  • RAR


  • MP3

  • WAV

  • AAC

  • AIFF

  • DSD

  • ALAC

  • OGG

Text documents (Cloud only)


  • TXT

  • RTF

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