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Disable tracking for user groups

As an administrator, you may want to disable tracking for specific user groups. For example, you may want to exclude the group "confluence-administrators" because these typically generate far more page views than average users.

You can also decide not to track anonymous users.

Access the option "Exclude Users"

  1. Access the tracking settings via ⚙ → Analytics Cockpit → Tracking

  2. Select the tab "Exclude Users".

You have the following options in this tab:

Disable tracking for a group

  1. In the field "Group", start typing the group's name.

  2. Select the desired group. The setting will be saved automatically.

Effects of excluding users:

  • The “exclude user group” is applied globally; members of the excluded group will not be tracked in any space.

  • Views by members of this group will no longer be tracked in the various reports. However, other interactions, like creations, edits etc., will still appear in the Viewtracker Data Center reports.

  • Previously collected data will remain visible in the reports. You will see the views and interactions of these users in the past, but no future interactions.

  • If you decide to track the user group again in the future, their interactions will be counted from the moment you remove the user group. Any interactions during the exclusion period are not tracked and cannot be retrieved.

Disable tracking for anonymous users

By default, views made by anonymous users (i.e., users without a Confluence login) are counted in the reports. This may not be desired. For example, if you don't want to count "views" by search crawlers to public-facing documentation.

To change the default, tap the toggle. The toggle turns grey, meaning that anonymous users are no longer counted.

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