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Why do I get "The tab content cannot be loaded" in one of my tabs?

First of all, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Let’s try to troubleshoot the issue.

Why is the tab content not displayed?

Navitabs macros rely on an Atlassian API to display content. The API converts Confluence’s storage format into a visually appealing view.

Sometimes, if the API is facing problems, the content cannot be displayed and there is a timeout. That’s when we display the error message you just encountered.

  1. As a first step, please wait a few minutes, then try reloading the page that throws the error.

  2. If the error persists, try placing the content outside a tab and see if it can be displayed there.

What if the content is not displayed correctly outside the tab?

In this case, there might be a problem with nesting macros. If possible, try using “simple” content without too many macros. Please read our page on what to keep in mind with nested macros.

What if the content is displayed correctly outside the tab?

  1. Please access the Storage Format of the affected page and paste the content into a support ticket.

  2. Our support will gladly analyze what could be causing the problem and get back to you.

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