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Why does the formatting of content in tabs differ?


When using the Childtabs macro or the Labeltabs macro (or their equivalent in the Tab Wizard) on a page, the page can lose some functionality and formatting from the referenced pages. This happens with both the new and the legacy editor.

Some potential problems:

  • Images on the page cannot be enlarged by clicking

  • Text size is slightly smaller

  • Charts don't span the entire page as they should

  • Embedded images render at different sizes (see Atlassian ticket)

  • Code Block macro is not rendering correctly (see Atlassian ticket)

  • Smart Links are displayed as regular links

  • Panels and lozenges are styled differently (size, background color)

  • Emojis may be styled differently

  • The emoji in the page title is not displayed (see our workaround)

  • The header image of the page is not displayed

Issues that were resolved in November 2022 by Atlassian (see ticket):

  • The text font changes

  • Emoticons are displayed as text/blue star

  • Table width is irregular


For performance reasons, we decided to use the Remote view for content from other Confluence pages. This view is used in Jira Service Management for Knowledge Base articles. In the Remote view, an iFrame is nested into another iframe. Unfortunately, this is the standard Confluence behavior, and we have no control over it.

We have listed some differences here: Limitations when nesting macros


Original page in Confluence:

Original page

Above page, displayed as an element of Childtabs/Define parent page:

Above page, displayed as a Childtab

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