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Handpicked Tabs Macro

The Handpicked Tabs macro is a new feature for Navitabs Data Center/Server, available since version 4.7.0.

What to do with the Handpicked Tabs Macro

Create your individual tab navigation based on existing Confluence pages anywhere on your instance. You pick the pages that should appear as tabs and decide how to structure them. This is what differentiates this macro from the Childtabs and Labeltabs macros, which create automatic tab navigation that is more rigid.

We think the Handpicked Tabs macro is especially useful for

  • content you access frequently but don’t need to edit (alternative to favorite pages)

  • creating customized “getting started” guides for new recruits

  • collecting content stemming from different Confluence spaces (that may, therefore, carry different labels)

Handpicked Tabs Macro - macro overlay

Resulting tab navigation (displayed horizontally)

How to use the Handpicked Tabs Macro

  1. In the editor, type {handpicked and select “Handpicked Tabs”. A macro overlay will appear.

  2. Search and select the page you want to list as a tab.

  3. Repeat for any number of pages.

  4. Reorder the pages' order in the list by drag&drop.

  5. If you entered a title by mistake, you can delete it by using the trash bin icon:trash-bin:.

  6. Tap “Save” to insert the new tabs.

  7. (Preview &) Save the page.

Handpicked Tabs Macro - search and select pages

Reorder the tabs using drag&drop

Settings of the Handpicked Tabs Macro

  • Tab style: Tab style defines how tabs will look in the UI.

More details on the tab style

As a user, you can switch between the tab style "Atlassian tabs" (default) and "index cards".

Switch between the styles by editing the macro and changing the "Tab style".

Tab style "Atlassian tabs" is the standard Atlassian tab layout. It is used as default.

Tab style "index cards" displays the tabs as cards (2D).

  • Vertical orientation: Tick the box to display the tabs vertically. By default, they are displayed horizontally. If you choose the vertical orientation, you can also specify the width of the tabs in pixels and whether to fix the tabs when scrolling.

  • Display excerpt: Tick the box to display the content from the excerpt macro in the Handpicked Tab macro. If there is no excerpt, the entire page will be displayed.

Related Macros

Handpicked Tabs is just one of multiple handy Navitabs macros.

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