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🔗 Confluence URL Reports

Track specific components of your Confluence, including user profiles, team pages, whiteboards, the space directory and content from 3rd-party apps.

This is a new Viewtracker report introduced in June 2023.

Accessing the Confluence URL Reports

In the Viewtracker menu, select the new entry “URLs / Specific Confluence Reports”.

This will give you a table of all specific Confluence reports. The metrics refer to the last 30 days, which is the default setting. You can change the date range by tapping “Last 30 days” field.

You can use the search field to filter the reports.

Elements of the Confluence URL Reports

Each report consists of the following elements.

  • URL Tracking Name:


Detail & How to access

URL or Regex

All Team Pages

All team pages views accumulated

Access via header: Teams → search people and teams → choose any team


All User Profiles

All user profile views accumulated

Access via click on the user’s avatar or by searching for the desired user in the header under Teams and calling up their profile.


Space Directory

Overview of all spaces in your Confluence instance

Access via header: Spaces → See all spaces


People and Teams Search

Search for people and teams

Access via header: Teams → search people and teams



Overview of all Templates

Access via header: Templates



Main calendar (if activated)

Access via header (if the feature is activated): Calendars


All Space Calendars

Space calendar views accumulated


All Whiteboards

Whiteboard views accumulated


Linchpin Enterprise News

This app has been discontinued February 2024

For tracking the Linchpin Enterprise News app interface access


Linchpin User Profiles

This app has been discontinued February 2024

For tracking the Linchpin User Profiles app interface access


Cosmos Space Station

For tracking the Cosmos app’s Space Station interface


Cosmos Newsroom

For tracking the Cosmos app’s Newsroom interface


Cosmos People Network

For tracking the Cosmos app’s People Network interface


Cosmos Dashboard

For tracking the Cosmos app’s Dashboard interface


Mantra Dashboard

For tracking the Mantra app’s Dashboard

(info) Due to technical limitations. Viewtracker can only track access to the dashboard and not whether users accessed any other sections within the app.


  • Views: The accumulated visits of a specific report in the selected date range. Tap the bar chart icon 📊 in the “Report” column for a detailed view.

  • Viewers: The Confluence users that accessed a specific Confluence component in the selected date range.

  • Status: Tracking all the specific Confluence reports is disabled by default. An administrator or a user with the necessary permission can use the toggle in the “Status” column to activate tracking for a specific report.

  • Report: Tapping the bar chart icon 📊 will open a detailed view of the selected report. Details see below ⤵️ .

(info) If you are looking for a specific report not covered in this overview, please tap the “+ URL to track” button and tell us about your requirement in the contact form. We will expand the URL tracking according to customer needs.

Specific Report: Detailed view

Tapping the bar chart icon 📊 will open a separate report of the specific Confluence URL. It contains the following:

  • Graph with views and viewers in the selected date range. The graph can be grouped by days, weeks, months, or years.

  • Table “views” with “all views in the selected date range” and “Viewers”

  • Table “viewers” (expandable) with the individual viewers, sorted by the number of views and the last view date.

  • Export option of this particular report (see below ⤵️ )

(info) Notes:

  • It can take up to 1 minute before views are displayed in the report.

  • It's impossible to track anonymous users accessing specific components via URLs. This is due to technical restrictions.

You can switch between the reports by selecting a different report in the drop-down menu.

You can also use the “← Go Back” button to access the URL report overview again.

Drop-down to switch between specific reports

Saving and sharing reports

Once you’ve changed the report's date range, the report’s URL will adapt with parameters like ?dateValue=this.week.

This is useful for the following reasons:

  • You can copy and share the URL with other administrators.

  • You can save the URL on a Confluence page or in your bookmarks to access a customized report quickly.

Exporting reports

You can export the data of each of the reports as a CSV file: Either as a list of each individual view or the aggregated views per user as listed in the report. The aggregated data export is only available if the privacy setting allows Viewtracker to track and list individual users.

The individual view export contains: "Account Id", "Date and Time"

The aggregated view export contains: "Account Id", "Views", "Last Viewed"

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(question) Are you looking for a specific report not covered in the list, perhaps to track 3rd-party app content? Please tap the “+ URL to track” button and tell us about your requirements in the contact form. We will expand the URL tracking according to customer needs and by collaborating with other app vendors.

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