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Analytics Report

This new macro expands the functionality of Viewtracker, allowing the display of metrics within Confluence pages.


Page view of the new macros introduced.

Analytics Report - Use Case

(tick) With this macro, you can finally share the tracked data of a page or a space without granting access to the Viewtracker Reports.

🔐 The output will comply with permissions set in Viewtracker’s Data Privacy setting and in the general Confluence space and content permission.

  • If the Data Privacy setting allows it, page visitors will see Top Viewers / Users.

  • In the Top Content list, content will be listed if the visitor has view permissions for the respective content within the space.

  • Generally, viewers will still require the appropriate permission to view the content or spaces defined in the macro.

Using this macro

To use this macro, type “/Analytics Report” and select the macro “Analytics Report.“ This will open the macro page where you can select from the Chart, Tiles or Text types.


Macros in the Analytics Report


How it can help you?

It allows you to display tracked metrics like views, likes, and comments within a Line, Bar or Area Chart.

Read more



How it can help you?

Allows you to display tiles containing different metrics, top content, and user lists of a defined page or space.

Read more



How it can help you?

Allows you to display metrics, top content and user lists of a defined page or space in textual form.

Read more


Pre-filled macros

Coming soon

These macros are pre-filled with existing metrics. Users can choose a style between Tiles or Text and customize them by adding or removing metrics.

Top Users

What does this macro do?

Select this macro to simplify your workflow. Choose a display option, Tile or Text, and showcase your top users with the pre-selected metrics.

  • Top viewers

  • Top Contributors

  • Top commentators

  • Top engaged users


Popular Content

What does this macro do?

This macro with pre-selected options can help you highlight the popularity of your content. Choose between Tiles and Text and showcase the metrics below:

  • Most viewed pages and blog posts

  • Most commented content

  • Most liked content

  • Number of active users

  • Number of views

  • Number of new comments


Content Activities

What does this macro do?

Choose this pre-selected macro to highlight activity-related metrics in your Confluence instance.

  • Busiest time slots

  • Number of active users

  • Number of content created

  • Last viewed

  • Newly published

  • Last modified

  • Number of views

  • Number of viewers

  • Number of contributors

  • Number of engaged users

  • Number of new comments

  • Number of likes (on content)

  • Number of likes (on comment)


Content Inventory

What does this macro do?

This macro will display metrics surrounding your confluence instance, including:

  • Total pages

  • Total blog posts

  • Total attachments

  • Attachment storage (*coming soon)

  • Largest attachments (*coming soon)

  • Number of new pages

  • Number of new blog posts

  • Number of new attachments (*coming soon)

  • Possibly outdated pages


Macro Shortcuts

The following macros are shortcuts to our main macros: Charts, Tiles, and Text.

These macros will be empty upon placement and ready for customization with your desired metrics, saving time for users who already know which macro they prefer to use

Analytics Chart (coming soon)

What does this macro do?

This shortcut will place an empty Chart macro, ready to be customized with your desired metrics.


View of the empty Chart macro

Analytics Tiles (coming soon)

What does this macro do?

This macro shortcut will place an empty Tiles macro, which you can customize with any available metric.


View of the empty Tiles macro

Analytics List (coming soon)

What does this macro do?

This shortcut will place an empty Text macro, which you can fill with any available metric.


View of the empty Text macro

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